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Scientists Pinpoint Brain Region That May Be Center of Alcohol Addiction

Researchers map out a cellular mechanism that offers a biological explanation for alcoholism, and could lead to treatments You can lead a lab rat to sugar water, but you can’t make him drink—especially if there’s booze around. New research published Thursday in Science may offer insights [...]

First Manta Ray Nursery Ever Discovered Shows Marine Protected Areas Matter

Manta rays are among the most charismatic undersea megafauna, but there’s still a lot we don’t know these flat, ginormous sea-dogs. Now, in trying to understand how their populations are connected in the Gulf of Mexico, scientists have made a wild discovery. In Flower Garden [...]

Creating a new composite fuel for new-generation fast reactors

Joint research efforts of a team of scientists at Lobachevsky University of Nizhny Novgorod (UNN) comprising chemists, physicists and engineers are currently focused on solving the problems of handling plutonium and minor actinides (MA) accumulated over many years. To this end, they are studying [...]

Silence is golden when it comes to how our brains work

“The brain appears to use these durations of silence to encrypt information,” Dr. Joe Z. Tsien, neuroscientist at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University says of his new Neural Self-Information Theory. It’s widely held that neurons generate perceptions, thoughts and actions by emitting [...]

UQ leads global law, science and tech research network

University of Queensland legal researchers are spearheading the formation of an international network of experts to help address global issues such as cybercrime, food security, and climate change. TC Beirne School of Law’s Dr Allison Fish said the international network would provide a platform for [...]

Hearing loss could pose greater risk of potential dementia in later life – study

People who experience hearing loss could be at greater risk of memory and thinking problems later in life than those without auditory issues, research suggests. The study focused on people who were at risk of Alzheimer’s disease, revealing that those who were diagnosed with hearing [...]