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Robert Langer named 2018 US Science Envoy

Robert S. Langer, the David H. Koch (1962) Institute Professor at MIT, has been named one of five U.S. Science Envoys for 2018. As a Science Envoy for Innovation, Langer will focus on novel approaches in biomaterials, drug delivery systems, nanotechnology, tissue engineering, and [...]

Plans for a research powerhouse in the Andes begin to unravel

Paola Ayala knew it was a gamble to dial down her physics research at the University of Vienna in May 2015 and spend most of her time at Yachay Tech University, a nascent institution in rural northern Ecuador backed with an estimated $1 billion [...]

Senate aggies hear from research institutions

By Larry Dreiling The Senate Agriculture Committee, June 15, held its fourth hearing in preparation for the upcoming farm bill reauthorization. This hearing was titled, “Agricultural Research: Perspectives on Past and Future Successes for the 2018 Farm Bill.” Discretionary spending on the research, education and economics [...]