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Hearing loss could pose greater risk of potential dementia in later life – study

People who experience hearing loss could be at greater risk of memory and thinking problems later in life than those without auditory issues, research suggests. The study focused on people who were at risk of Alzheimer’s disease, revealing that those who were diagnosed with hearing [...]

State urges fairgoers practice good hygiene to avoid illness

COLUMBUS, OHIO Two state agencies are urging people attending Ohio county fairs this summer to practice good hygiene when visiting livestock exhibits. The Ohio Departments of Agriculture and Health issued its advisory after reports that nearly 300 hogs at the Clinton County Fair in southwest Ohio [...]

Climate change will hit these U.S. economies hardest

Unmitigated climate change will make the United States poorer and more unequal, predict researchers. The poorest third of counties could sustain economic damages costing as much as 20 percent of their income if warming proceeds unabated. States in the South and lower Midwest, which tend [...]