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Connected’ passengers travel better, SITA research shows

Technology continues to play a critical role in enhancing passengers’ overall satisfaction with the travel experience from booking to baggage pickup, says air transport technology specialist SITA. According to its annual IT Passenger Trends Survey, 74% of passengers say they would welcome push messaging services [...]

Kids’ Brains Need More Downtime, Research Shows

Children and teenagers have become busier than ever. But neurologists and psychologists say pushing kids to be constantly learning and practicing, even during summer vacation, is not good for them. Strength vs. weaknesses Helping children succeed and thrive is one of the issues psychologist Lea Waters [...]

Critical science research in jeopardy over funding, scientist warns

Critical climate research in Canada is about to be put on ice in the absence of sustainable federal funding, says one of the country’s leading scientists. Without continuous funding from Ottawa, “we will have to mothball the lab in the hopes that sometime in the [...]