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Almost $118 billion worth of US homes threatened by rising sea levels: Report

A report published by the Union of Concerned Scientists has found that nearly 311,000 coastal homes, worth $117.5 billion, are at risk of chronic flooding due to sea-level rise over the next 30 years. The advocacy group says rising sea levels are a result of [...]

Fieldwork in the Arctic is surprisingly costly, limiting the research done there

Mark Mallory, who has studied Arctic seabirds for more than 20 years, often notes in his scientific papers how expensive it is to conduct fieldwork in the far north, as have some of his colleagues. But when they recently tallied up their costs systematically, [...]

A Geoengineering ‘Cocktail’ Could Dull the Pain of Climate Change

Combining multiple climate engineering strategies at the same time could dampen the impacts of global warming while avoiding loses in global precipitation levels. Even to advocates of geoengineering the idea of deliberately altering the environment to avoid the worst effects of climate change is laden [...]

Environmental Impacts on Tropical Birds Topic of July 13 UW Research Center Talk

A discussion involving environmental changes and the subsequent impact on tropical birds will take place Thursday, July 13, at the University of Wyoming-National Park Service (UW-NPS) Research Center. The center is located at the AMK Ranch in Grand Teton National Park. UW Department of Zoology [...]

Climate change will hit these U.S. economies hardest

Unmitigated climate change will make the United States poorer and more unequal, predict researchers. The poorest third of counties could sustain economic damages costing as much as 20 percent of their income if warming proceeds unabated. States in the South and lower Midwest, which tend [...]

Bolstering public support for state-level renewable energy policies

New analysis shows that the design and framing of renewable energy policies can strengthen public support — or opposition. Source: MIT Energy Initiative Since the 1980s, the United States has often been a world leader in supporting renewable energy technologies at the state and federal level. [...]