Title:         The R Journal
p-ISSN:     2073-4859
Frequency:     Half-yearly
Year of Start:     2009
Title:         Statistics and Its Interface
e-ISSN:     1938-7997
p-ISSN:     1938-7989
Frequency:     Quarterly
Year of Start:     2008
Title:         Statistical Modelling
e-ISSN:     1477-0342
p-ISSN:     1471-082X
Frequency:     Bimonthly
Year of Start:     2007
Title:         Journal of the Royal Statistical Society
p-ISSN:     0964-1998
Year of Start:     1838
Title:         The Annals of Applied Statistics
p-ISSN:     1932-6157
Year of Start:     2007
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