Title:         Journal of Veterinary Science
e-ISSN:     1976-555X
p-ISSN:     1229-845X
Year of Start:     2000
Title:         Nature Neuroscience
e-ISSN:     1546-1726
p-ISSN:     1097-6256
Year of Start:     1998
Title:         Journal of Neurochemistry
e-ISSN:     1471-4159
p-ISSN:     0022-3042
Frequency:     24/year
Year of Start:     1956
Title:         Journal of Ecology
e-ISSN:     1365-2745
p-ISSN:     0022-0477
Frequency:     Bimonthly
Year of Start:     1913
Title:         Journal of Physical Oceanography
e-ISSN:     1520-0485
p-ISSN:     0022-3670
Frequency:     Monthly
Year of Start:     1971
Title:         Journal of Geophysical Research
e-ISSN:     2156-2202
p-ISSN:     0148-0227
Frequency:     12/year
Year of Start:     1896
Title:         Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences
e-ISSN:     1520-0469
p-ISSN:     0022-4928
Frequency:     Monthly
Year of Start:     1944
Title:         Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology
e-ISSN:     1558-8432
p-ISSN:     1558-8424
Frequency:     Monthly
Year of Start:     1962
Title:         International Journal of Speleology
e-ISSN:     1827-806X
p-ISSN:     0392-6672
Frequency:     Biannual
Year of Start:     1964
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