Title:         Journal of Abnormal Psychology
p-ISSN:     1939-1846
Frequency:     8/year
Year of Start:     1906
Title:         Journal of Applied Social Psychology
e-ISSN:     1559-1816
p-ISSN:     0021-9029
Frequency:     Monthly
Year of Start:     1971
Title:         Journal of Experimental Psychology
p-ISSN:     0096-3445
Frequency:     Bimonthly
Year of Start:     1916
Title:         International Journal of Psychology
e-ISSN:     1464-066X
p-ISSN:     0020-7594
Frequency:     Bimonthly
Year of Start:     1966
Title:         The International Journal of Psychoanalysis
e-ISSN:     1745-8315
p-ISSN:     0020-7578
Frequency:     Bimonthly
Year of Start:     1920
Title:         International Journal for the Psychology of Religion
e-ISSN:     1532-7582
p-ISSN:     1050-8619
Frequency:     Quarterly
Year of Start:     1991
Title:         British Journal of Educational Psychology
e-ISSN:     2044-8279
p-ISSN:     0007-0998
Frequency:     Quarterly
Year of Start:     1931
Title:         Acta Psychologica
p-ISSN:     0001-6918
Frequency:     9 issues/year
Year of Start:     1935
Title:         Adaptive Behavior (journal)
e-ISSN:     1741-2633
p-ISSN:     1059-7123
Frequency:     Bimonthly
Year of Start:     1992
Title:         American Journal of Psychology
e-ISSN:     1939-8298
p-ISSN:     0002-9556
Frequency:     Quarterly
Year of Start:     1887
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