Title:         International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy
p-ISSN:     0144-333X
Frequency:     Bimonthly
Year of Start:     1981
Title:         International Regional Science Review
e-ISSN:     1552-6925
p-ISSN:     0160-0176
Frequency:     Quarterly
Year of Start:     1975
Title:         Journal of Planning Education and Research
e-ISSN:     1552-6577
p-ISSN:     0739-456X
Frequency:     Quarterly
Year of Start:     1981
Title:         Journal of Planning History
e-ISSN:     1552-6585
p-ISSN:     1538-5132
Frequency:     Quarterly
Year of Start:     2002
Title:         Journal of Planning Literature
e-ISSN:     1552-6593
p-ISSN:     0885-4122
Frequency:     Quarterly
Year of Start:     1985
Title:         Journal of Regional Science
e-ISSN:     1467-9787
p-ISSN:     0022-4146
Frequency:     Five times a year
Year of Start:     1958
Title:         Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management
p-ISSN:     0733-9496
Frequency:     Bimonthly
Year of Start:     1993
Title:         Journal of Urban History
e-ISSN:     1552-6771
p-ISSN:     0096-1442
Frequency:     Bimonthly
Year of Start:     1974
Title:         European Urban and Regional Studies
e-ISSN:     1461-7145
p-ISSN:     0969-7764
Frequency:     Quarterly
Year of Start:     1994
Title:         Articulo – Journal of Urban Research
p-ISSN:     1661-4941
Frequency:     Biannually
Year of Start:     2005
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