Title:         South African Historical Journal
e-ISSN:     1726-1686
p-ISSN:     0258-2473
Frequency:     Quarterly
Year of Start:     1969
Title:         Journal of Southern African Studies
e-ISSN:     1465-3893
p-ISSN:     0305-7070
Frequency:     Quarterly
Year of Start:     1975
Title:         Journal of Modern African Studies
e-ISSN:     1469-7777
p-ISSN:     0022-278X
Frequency:     Quarterly
Year of Start:     1963
Title:         The Journal of African History
e-ISSN:     1469-5138
p-ISSN:     0021-8537
Frequency:     Triannually
Year of Start:     1960
Title:         African Historical Review
e-ISSN:     1753-2531
p-ISSN:     1753-2523
Frequency:     Biannually
Year of Start:     1969
Title:         African Economic History
p-ISSN:     0145-2258
Frequency:     Annually
Year of Start:     1974
Title:         Journal of World History
e-ISSN:     1527-8050
p-ISSN:     1045-6007
Frequency:     Quarterly
Year of Start:     1990
Title:         The Journal of Hellenic Studies
e-ISSN:     2041-4099
p-ISSN:     0075-4269
Frequency:     Annually
Year of Start:     1880
Title:         Journal of Interdisciplinary History
e-ISSN:     1530-9169
p-ISSN:     0022-1953
Frequency:     Quarterly
Year of Start:     1969
Title:         Institute of Historical Research
p-ISSN:     1468-2281
Frequency:     Quarterly
Title:         The Historical Journal
e-ISSN:     1469-5103
p-ISSN:     0018-246X
Frequency:     Quarterly
Year of Start:     1958
Title:         The English Historical Review
e-ISSN:     1477-4534
p-ISSN:     0013-8266
Frequency:     Bimonthly
Year of Start:     1886
Title:         Indian Historical Review
e-ISSN:     0975-5977
p-ISSN:     0376-9836
Frequency:     Biannually
Year of Start:     1999
Title:         Modern Asian Studies
e-ISSN:     1469-8099
p-ISSN:     0026-749X
Frequency:     Bimonthly
Year of Start:     1967
Title:         The Journal of Asian Studies
e-ISSN:     1752-0401
p-ISSN:     0021-9118
Frequency:     Quarterly
Year of Start:     1941
Title:         Journal of the American Oriental Society
p-ISSN:     0003-0279
Frequency:     Quarterly
Year of Start:     1843
Title:         Journal of American-East Asian Relations
e-ISSN:     1876-5610
p-ISSN:     1058-3947
Frequency:     4/year
Year of Start:     1992
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