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Title:         Journal of Earth Science & Climatic Change
p-ISSN:     2157-7617
Title:         Remote Sensing
p-ISSN:     2072-4292
Title:         New GeoResJ
p-ISSN:     2214-2428
Frequency:     Quarterly
Title:         Irish Journal of Earth Sciences
e-ISSN:     2009-0064
p-ISSN:     0790-1763
Frequency:     Annually
Title:         Apples - Journal of Applied Language Studies
p-ISSN:     1457-9863
Year of Start:     2001
Title:         Information Systems (journal)
p-ISSN:     0306-4379
Frequency:     8/year
Year of Start:     1975
Title:         Information Services & Use
e-ISSN:     1875-8789
p-ISSN:     0167-5265
Frequency:     Quarterly
Year of Start:     1981
Title:         Information Processing Letters
p-ISSN:     0020-0190
Frequency:     24 issues per year
Year of Start:     1971
Title:         Information and Software Technology
p-ISSN:     0950-5849
Frequency:     10 issues per year
Year of Start:     1987
Title:         Information and Computation
p-ISSN:     0890-5401
Frequency:     Monthly
Year of Start:     1957
Title:         IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
p-ISSN:     1077-2626
Frequency:     Monthly
Year of Start:     1995
Title:         IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
e-ISSN:     1939-3520
p-ISSN:     0098-5589
Frequency:     Bimonthly
Year of Start:     1975
Title:         IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
e-ISSN:     1939-3539
p-ISSN:     0162-8828
Frequency:     Monthly
Year of Start:     1979
Title:         IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems
p-ISSN:     2162-237X
Frequency:     Monthly
Title:         IEEE Transactions on Multimedia
e-ISSN:     1941-0077
p-ISSN:     1520-9210
Frequency:     Bimonthly
Year of Start:     1999
Title:         IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
e-ISSN:     1558-0660
p-ISSN:     1536-1233
Frequency:     Bimonthly
Year of Start:     2002
Title:         IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies
p-ISSN:     1939-1382
Frequency:     Quarterly
Year of Start:     2008
Title:         IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
e-ISSN:     1557-9654
p-ISSN:     0018-9448
Frequency:     Monthly
Year of Start:     1953
Title:         IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems
p-ISSN:     1063-6706
Frequency:     Bimonthly
Year of Start:     1993
Title:         Groups, Geometry, and Dynamics
e-ISSN:     1661-7215
p-ISSN:     1661-7207
Frequency:     Quarterly
Year of Start:     2007
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