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How science supports São Paulo

Brazil’s richest state has a long history of applied research The first cases of what would become Brazil’s vicious Zika epidemic were detected in the northeastern states of Maranhão and Sergipe in late 2014. By the end of 2015, the disease had spread across the [...]

Does science have a bullying problem?

A spate of bullying allegations have rocked several high-profile science institutions. Here’s how researchers, universities, funders and others are dealing with the issue. In August, accusations of bullying roiled the Institute of Cancer Research in London, one of the leading science centres in the United [...]

Trump’s nominee for USDA science post calls new U.S. climate report ‘genuine’

The entomologist nominated to be the chief scientist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in Washington, D.C., said today he accepts the conclusions of a new federal report on climate change that President Donald Trump has dismissed and that he hopes science can [...]

Ethics aside, does the CRISPR baby experiment make scientific sense?

Before the news broke Sunday that Chinese researcher He Jiankui had used the genome-editing technology CRISPR to create genetically altered twins, he was little known in scientific circles. But the controversial experiment to make humans potentially resistant to HIV also thrust another player into [...]

Baby Giant Manta Rays Grow up Together in This Newly Discovered Nursery

Marine biologist Joshua Stewart was scuba diving in the Gulf of Mexico when he spotted a baby manta ray—an unexpected find, given that juveniles are extremely rare and seldom observed by humans. After analyzing other divers’ juvenile sightings, he and his colleagues determined a specific [...]

Scientists Pinpoint Brain Region That May Be Center of Alcohol Addiction

Researchers map out a cellular mechanism that offers a biological explanation for alcoholism, and could lead to treatments You can lead a lab rat to sugar water, but you can’t make him drink—especially if there’s booze around. New research published Thursday in Science may offer insights [...]